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“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

― Ramana Maharshi

Ecstatic Dance is a worldwide movement founded at the year 2000 in Hawai and arrived to israel in 2015 as part of HeartBeat Events. a year and a half later Ecstatic Dance Israel Co founded by Barak Sarilan and Roni Mizrahi (Makatu) as an independent organ and began expending its activities across the land with the intention of uniting the communities around and allowing a conscious and safe alternative to dance

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Today Ecstatic Dance Israel has 11 centers around the country.
from the far north to the south, communities are geting together weekly and enjoying the gifts of a wider community, well connected and synchronised.

the powerful effect of an ecstatic dance session is a result
of few elements that works together in perfect harmony   

the guidelines

we leave distractions outside

(talks,phones,drinks,smokes etc.)

 be comfortable
and dance barefoot

dance through it all. every feeling
has a parallel movement

keep a constant movement


the ecstatic dance journey is designed in a way that will allow you to sync in gently and find your trust and confidence. a little warm up for the body, dance, and then soft relaxing landing with live sounds before going back to reality.


one of our dj guidelines is to design the set in waves. it allows us to explore movement in many different forms and atmospheres 


awesome sound system, supportive floor for dancers, intimate atmosphere and privacy 
are all important conditions for the experience.

neutral language

our most important value for the ecstatic dance facilitators is to reserve a neutral approach.
it means that on this dance floor we are keeping things straight and minimal as a goal to resonate wider to more circles and communities that could feel belong and equal around others.

supervised music

for 8 years we are directing and initiating our dj's to be more original, always explore new directions and to develop this extra sensitivity to the danceers that do nothing but listening and moving to what they play.


the sense of togetherness is the nectar for us.
going through a mutual process, a meaningful one.
ecstatic dance worldwide is a network of like minded and hearted ppl. where ever you go, you could find us there:)

want to meet our
Dj's and Facilitators ?

or to check out our centers ?

what about connecting
the community ?

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