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Zohar Bar Shalom - community leader & facilitator
Artist, musician, guide, space holder, DJ and dancer in ecstatic and ceremonial spaces.
Leader of the Ecstatic Dance Pardes Hana community for the past five years
with allot of love and devotion. 

contact: 050-7660672


Itay Taye community leader & facilitator
Leader of the Ecstatic Dance Haifa community. 
Mastering musical journeys in Ecstatic spaces in Israel and around the world.
Journeys through sounds, emotions, waves, love and god.

contact: 055-9987539


Amos Avidani community leader & facilitator
Leader of the Ecstatic Dance Tel Aviv community.
Ecstatic Dance facilitator.

Acroyoga and circus artist, studying physiotherapy
and taking an active part in the ecstatic dance movement. 

contact: 052-6966444


שקד גור.jpeg

Shaked Gur community leader & facilitator
Leader of Ecstatic Dance Ha-emek, guides movement and contact workshops,
produces events, tribal gatherings and ecstatic medicine spaces.

contact: 052-9405171


Candice Gaddie community leader & facilitator
Leader of Ecstatic Dance Emek Hayarden.
Born a dancer in heart and soul. for me dance is a space to meet, meet our bodies, our hearts,
a place to be whatever i desire to be in any way that naturally flows out from within.
It is a great honour for me to guide people to meet others and themselves
in & through their bodies. 

contact: 054-2313222

סתיו קפלן.jpeg

Stav Kaplan community leader & facilitator
Co-Leader of Ecstatic Dance Herzliya.
Living and breathing ecstatic for the past three years like air! For me ecstatic is a journey, a ceremony, a way to nurture my body, a place to connect with myself and others, a chance to look within myself, to express my emotions and sensations through my bod & a powerful healing journey! 

contact: 050-3602624

לידור כהן.jpeg

Lidor Cohen community leader & facilitator
Co-leader of the Ecstatic Dance Herzeliya community.
I am a dancer first of all.
I spent two years at least once a week in ecstatic spaces, experiencing so much deep transformation through the medicine of this movement.
I feel that all elements of the ecstatic live inside me and that I have a deep understanding and practice of this wonderful spirit that never seizes to surprise me.

contact: 054-3422410


יעל זינגר.jpeg

Yael Zinger community leader & facilitator
Leader of the Ecstatic Dance Ben Shemen community and centre. 
contact: 054-8098281

ורד רגב.jpeg

Vered Regev community leader & facilitator 
Leader of ecstatic dance hod hasharon
Lives a life of freedom as an IPAC therapist and works in additional fields of alternative medicine.
Creates listening circles and a member of the ecstatic dance community for the past three years, dancing every week in different centres across the country.
For me ecstatic dance is a calling, a soul mission,
to bring freedom to our inner and outer worlds and beings.
To allow ourselves to be who we truly are, with all that comes with it. To show up and be seen with all that is, without the need to change anything. Allowing us to just be.

contact: 050-6784688

דניאל ברמן.jpeg

Daniel Berman community leader & facilitator
Leader of ecstatic dance hof hacarmel.
Entropuner and creator of spaces for empowerment & international facilitator in the movement and conscious sexuality fields.
Co-creator of "Fusion", that leads young people to personal development through sexuality and intimacy.
Trains teams for conversation about positive sexuality with youth through the LAVO project.
Connects people to themselves and to their inner fire through the HAKA culture.

contact: 05-23643326

אלעד אלדר.jpeg

Elad Adler community leader
Co-Leader of the Ecstatic Dance Jerusalem community.
Event producer, guide and student for Psychodrama. 

contact: 052-5311866


Noam Lian community leader
Leader of the Ecstatic Dance Michmoret community.
contact: 052-4850822

דברת בר שלום.jpeg

Dovraht Malti Bar Shalom facilitator 
Guides people through movement to listen and connect to the deepest realms of the body and to open channels of consciousness within.
contact: 055-6669338

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