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Few knows about the endless hours they sit in search for new music. braking their minds between so many different styles and genres, not being able to predict what type of dance floor they'll meet tonight. this fine line between being prepared to being totally intuitive and respond from the moment. some say God is a Dj. we totally agree.     

Meet our Dj's


Light Child Project
began in 2011 as a psychedelic base music project developing a viral Soundcloud channel with13.5K followres acording to this moment. L.C.P quickly started to receive invitations to play on the biggest dancefloors around the world, such as Boom Festival, Burning man, etc. Barak discovered Ecstatic Dance in North California in 2013 and 2 years later he Co founded Ecstatic Dance movement in Israel and eventually became an Ecstatic Dance DJ.

"one of the most important components that allowed me to be good as a DJ is my constant willingness and desire to participate in dance floors as a dancer. i must feel the dance floor from within, smell the energy, seeing bodies loosing control to the rhythm, all of this helps developing my high sensitivity and the ability to identify dance floor's core needs and serve it. 


Explorer of other worlds and dimensions through sounds and frequencies, holds and creates deep journeys and enchanted alchemy through movement and connecting with our bodies.


Mastering musical journeys in Ecstatic spaces in Israel and around the world.
Journeys through sounds, emotions, waves, love and god.

contact: 055-9987539


Yudan TransMeeting
Artist & medicine man, life and spirit teacher opening doors to the world of emotion and the unseen. Created spaces of prayer, play, magic and mystery - WizarDJ.
Leads men groups for transformation, creates and guides retreats and ceremonies, creator of the Meholel retreat, creates and leads cacao ceremonies, musician - keeper of the sacred fire.



• ᴛᴏᴜᴄʜᴇꜱ ᴍʏꜱᴛᴇʀɪᴏᴜꜱ ᴘᴀʀᴛꜱ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ꜱᴇᴇᴋ •
As i travel and dance my way around the world, I collect my musical home in a wide range of 
continents and countries, colourful cultures, deep nature and inspiration. I feel that the gift of music is in the quality of connection to the different frequencies, to the dancers, and bringing deep, feminine, war, free and wild energy. In the sound i choose i take inspiration from different textures, deep bass, galactic atmospheres, organic elements and interesting rhythms. Come with me to multidimensional experience. We will dance and connect with ourselves and to all that lives within us, between mysterious, healing, hypnotising and naughty stories. In the places we have already visited, and all the places we have yet to discover. We explore new depths with sounds, in a magical balance between heart and mind. Celebering us.
Love to all, stay wild


גילי גולומב.jpg

Gili Golomb
Plays in different spaces and events across Israel and the world with a lot of heart and soul.

לידור כהן.jpeg

Lidor HaCohen
I am a dancer first of all.
I spent two years at least once a week in ecstatic spaces, experiencing so much deep transformation through the medicine of this movement and after two years I became an Ecstatic DJ.
I feel that all elements of the ecstatic live inside me and that I have a deep understanding and practice of this wonderful spirit that never seizes to surprise me.


מעיין רחמים.JPG

Maayan Rahamim
events producer and juice for dance floors maker


its all about Grooves and moves. say no more, loose control !

מרינה קושניר.jpg

DJ Ginjah Vibes 
creates magical and conceptual musical journeys. works from a deep perspective of a producer to what a dancefloor needs the most. DJ for over a decade and played in many different spaces and dance floors across the world.


אופיר מג׳יקו.jpeg

Magic Vibes
Collects music from all over the world, always excited about the freedom awaiting in every ecstatic journey, allowing to express whatever is in the here and now.

עדי ברקת.JPG

Adi Bareket 
Playing for that recent years in different productions and festivals across Israel, with a main component in common of love for movement and dance and the freedom that comes with them.
Comes to play music out of a deep love for dance and movement, a love that brought her to explore the sounds that move her and a deep desire to share it with the world.
Plays music from different genres from around the world, from african music to spices from east and west, bass, hip-hop, electronic music and more. 



Started his career as a DJ from the age of 15.
His eclectic collection of music combines a variety of musical worlds.
Electro shamanic sound, african drums, brazilian bets and american bass, with deep ambient sounds in between that takes us deep and cleanses the space.
Whole and broken beats, coming together to liberate our bodies through dance and movement to new and fascinating sounds.​



From the fusion culture family. Plays a variety of genres, focusing mainly on alternative electronic music of bass and glitch combined with world music, rock, jazz and funk. 


DJ Zazoo
Artist, musician, guide, space holder, DJ and dancer in ecstatic and ceremonial spaces.


Balance The Horizon
A DJ & music creator, born from within the Ecstatic community.
Nitzan sees music as a way to express all the emotions living inside of us, and a powerful tool for connecting with ourselves and with the people around us. He puts a strong emphasis in his musical journeys on strong emotional presence moving through all different waves of life and bringing together many different genres of music.
He aspires to play his music in medicine spaces that bring people together.


שירה פיש.jpg

Shira Fisch 
My name is Shira Fisch, I have become a DJ during the past few years and i explore and collect music since i can remember myself. I am attracted to music with depth and colour, world music that expands the body and the heart. I love making people move with all my heart and feel a deep calling to bring my love to music and movement to the world.


Brings together exotic music from all corners of the cosmos,
A mixture of spices, a shamanic circus filled with bass that will make you move and sounds that open your heart and let your wings fly.


יניב צדיק.jpeg

Yaniv Tzadick
A music person in all his being.
Broadcasted his own show on the radio of Kol Hacampus 106FM for 17 years.
Performs his DJ sets at different clubs and festivals across Israel and around the world.
In the last four years, he founded the space "MOVEMENT": a space for deep and meaningful self expression, similar to the format of ecstatic dance, but takes place in the dark and Yaniv is the only DJ playing the music.
Yaniv plays profound musical sets inviting into a state between trance to a deep dive into ourselves.


גל מלר.jpeg

Gal meller, besides being dj selva, is a modern witch and medicine woman living from a feminine essence and relationship with earth and spirit. Leader of the "lunatic tribe" community for women. Bring divinity wrapped in Laffa with humous into her musical journeys. 

אייל מצליח.jpg

Hi, I am Eyal.
I am a musician and DJ that creates and plays world music with beats. I have been dancing for all my life, and in recent years I produce music and take part in the ecstatic dance movement around the world with my event "sacred tempo" in Koh Phangan, Europe and now Israel.
I combine spiritual, folk and tribal music from around the world - a journey through cultures, human experiences, emotions and sensations, styles and genres.
My intention is to create a space and a journey that connects us to the divine, to what is sacred, love and our wild nature - within us, within others and of nature and the whole universe.


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